Sante Green Tea


Sante barley green tea is a very delicious drink that can provide you with a natural and convenient way to remove body toxins and give you a glowing firm skin through the powerful combination of Barley,Green tea & L-CARNITINE.

Sante barley green tea contains Organic barley grass combined with Green tea for effective and efficient way of fat burning. Plus L-Carnitine. for a healthy glowing firm skin!

Bring Sexy Back
(Energizer + Fat Burner)

Cool down to this healthy drink that will keep you energized throughout the day. Fortified with L- Carnitine to help increase that fat-burning effect while you exercise.

Serve with ice, add a spoonful of confidence to complete a hotter new you.

This refreshing drink has barley to complete nutritional needs and L-Carnitine which regulates the burning fat in the body by transporting fat to the mitochondria (the energy power-house of the cell, think of it as a factory where energy is produced).



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